The FCSIG Joint Powers Authority (JPA) organization was formed in 1982 by a group of Central Valley educators to reduce the costs of workers’ compensation insurance.


The JPA was designed by its board to provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage at the lowest cost. There are no buildings owned by the JPA and no staff employed. Broker, risk management, and claims administrator services are contracted out. If necessary, other experts may be retained on a short-term basis to provide assistance. This, along with great experience factors, has kept the rates extremely low. By providing basic services, the JPA has not inundated the districts with a great number of requirements, which are a part of many larger organizations. The preference has been to have fewer guidelines and requirements and encourage district compliance with these policies. Unique circumstances are going to exist in each district and it is the philosophy of the JPA board to do everything possible to accommodate those needs. The board has wrestled with some difficult issues but ways have been found to accommodate each district’s concerns.


As with educational institutions, accreditation by a recognized accrediting organization has been one way of ensuring standards are established and met. The JPA has received Accreditation with Excellence status by the California Association of Joint Powers Authorities (CAJPA) and the accreditation is renewed on a regular basis. Only thirty-five out of the hundreds of JPA’s in California have received this level of accreditation.